Why Travel with Us

J.L.Tours & Travels is a leading provider of travel services to all over India. We are a full-service company striving to provide the highest quality of service to all our customers.

At J.L.Tours & Travels, authencity is the highest priority. Sincerity, good faith, genuineness - they're all part of the ethics we embrace in approaching our world and the people and cultures we share it with. We’re devoted to helping our travelers experience the world with the honesty and affirmation.

We have our own large fleet of cars and coaches that will add luxury to your enthusiastic trip. With our strong infrastructure, we even have a widespread network of associates all over India providing personalized services to its clients in any part of the country. We keep comparatively less margin to other travel agents as we have own fleet of vehicles. You can cite the fleet of vehicles on our websites.

We are personally involved in the design of your trip in coordination with our staff personnel. When you mail or call us you will receive an immediate reply from our professionals who will help you choose the right trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and style.

Every client is looked after by one consultant committed to offering you a very personal service. They will remain your point of contact, before, during and after your trip and are happy to answer any questions or queries that you might have. In turn, each consultant is supported by an experienced and professional administration team, many of whom have travelled extensively them. 

Our staffs have travelled extensively throughout the regions and in many cases have lived and worked there to, so you can rely on their first hand knowledge and enthusiasm. They are some of the most experienced staff in the industry and will tell you about those little visited regions and introduce you to charismatic guides - those little extra qualities that make your holiday both unique and special.
We insist that they regularly visit the regions they cover, forming new partnerships and strengthening established ones, keeping abreast of all issues relating to travel and discovering new areas and places to stay. Having personally visited each of the areas which we offer, our passionate and well travelled team will be happy to talk you through our group and tailor made programs to offer an authentic trip that’s right for you.

The direct involvement of professional indigenous guides in organizing and leading your trip assures you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience. Cross-cultural interaction is not only having respect for local customs, but is genuine, honest, personal interaction stimulated by sensitive introductions from respectful guides who introduce you to their home like a friend and treat you as a personal traveling companion. They are offered by our company as complimentary gesture to the clients.

Prepare to immerse yourself, secure in your health and safety. Relax and enjoy the experiences of native culture and pristine environments confident of our exceptional accommodations, transportation, hygiene and security, and the support of our professional in-country outfitters. Most important we guarantee for the safety for our clients on road, by providing them well-maintained cars with experienced chauffeurs. 

We seek out small, boutique hotels and lodges and even home stays where native culture is strong and we can enjoy regional cuisine and experience traditional lifestyle. Designed in indigenous style that fit into their environs naturally, our accommodations deliver charm, amenities and native warmth. Due to our close association with hotels not only in Delhi but also anywhere in India, we provide excellent rates and value for money to all its clients.

Like many tour operators, we subcontract the ground handling and logistics to a third party in the country of destination. The essence is to find a ground handler who has the same ethos as oneself so that clients are looked after in the way in which we would want them to be looked after. With years of experience and knowledge we have built up many longstanding relationships with our agents, ensuring that they deliver the level of service that our clients expect and that we demand – and that goes beyond the conventional.

You can depend on our record of professionalism and safety. Prestigious travel writers, guidebooks, travel industry media, and testimonials recognize J.L.Tours & Travels as a leading travel company. The company forms a part of Lonely Planet and other guide books.

We have a 24 hour emergency service to give you added security and peace of mind. In the unlikely event of an emergency we are contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.