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FAQ’s: Solve your queries which are running in your mind before visiting India.


Question 1:  Do I need a visa to go to India? 
Answer: Yes, all foreigners except for nationals of Nepal and Bhutan need a visa to enter India.

Question 2: What currency is used in India?
Answer: The local currency Indian Rupees (INR) is used in India.

Question 3: Are credit cards accepted in India? If not, what kind of currencies should one bring?
Answer: Yes, all major credit cards, such as Diners, Amex, Visa and Master Card are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops in India. You can easily bring any currency, and get it exchanged in India through Govt.Approved money exchangers.

Question 4: How much money should I bring for within country travel?
Answer: You should bring money depending on your length and duration of stay. Also depends on which part of country you are traveling. It is advisable to consult your travel agent with regards to this.


Question 1: As first time travelers in India, what should be kept in mind?
Answer: As first time travelers you should keep the contact number, address, mail id and travel document of the travel agent safe with you. Also you should call once before confirming the tour about the genuinity of travel agent.

Question 2: How can I book a tour to India? 
Answer: We suggest you to see various itineraries on our website and email us to book any one or multiple of them. We’ll provide all information immediately to you. Email us on

Question 3: We want to make my own tour instead of mentioned tour on your website? 
Answer: You can just email us your ideas and specify the places you want to visit, date of arrival and departure, number of people who are traveling, the hotel category you need and any other special requirements. After having these details from your end we will plan a tour for you and will mail you soon with all the details. 

Question 4: How advance should I make my travel booking? 
Answer: The Indian tourists season October- March (high tourist season) and May – June. As Travel infrastructure in India has its limitation in comparison to the high season demand therefore we highly recommend that if you want to spend your holidays in India you must book your tour much in advance.

Question 5: If I only want to take the vehicle during my tour and not the complete tour, is it possible? 
Answer: Yes, we do provide only vehicle services; please have a look at our available vehicles. 

Question 6: What is the booking procedure for hotels?
Answer: Once the rates are given by travel agents and you are satisfied with all your queries, they will proceed with the booking of hotels. On receipt of some details booking is kept on hold under your name and confirmation is sent to you. Within the prescribed time, you are requested to transfer the payment through bank transfer or credit card. Your credit card details are kept 100% safe in our Secured Payment Gateway. Only after your final confirmation, credit card will be charged from your account. 

Question 7: What important documents are required while traveling in India?
Answer: Travelers must carry a valid passport and visa, which can be obtained from nearest India embassy. 
A good precaution is to photocopy all important documents, including, passport, visa and air tickets. Store these copies in your hotel safe or locker to ensure you have copies in case the originals are misplaced.

Question 8: What Medical Precautions should I take before traveling to India?
Answer: Get a complete medical checkup before traveling in India. Consult your doctor about any vaccinations you may require. If you are on regular medication, bring your medicines along. Also carry the prescription slip so that you can easily purchase from medical store in India at the time of emergency.

Question 9: Should I get insurance done before traveling in India.
Answer: You should get travel and medical insurance before traveling in India. India has many world class hospitals that cater medical tourists from around the world.

Question 10: Is there a pickup service at the Airport? 
Answer: Yes, we provide pick up services. You will be picked up from the airport or railway station where ever you arrive by our company representative. Our representative will be holding a name board with your name or your group name at the reception hall of the airport or railway station. 

Question 11: Are means of communications easily available in India?
Answer: Yes, all major hotels have internet facilities. Cyber Cafes and Phone booths are also present in large number in all major cities and towns of India. An easy way is to bring your mobile phone along and buy a sim card here in India, for easy communication.

Question 12:  What are the languages commonly spoken in India?
Answer: English is widely spoken and understood across Indian cities and towns. Each Indian state has its own language also.

Question 13: What are the important Hindi words I should know when I'm in India? 
Answer: Well, there are many phrases and words in Hindi that could come in use. We would advise you to look at our 'Useful Hindi Phrases' page in Useful Stuff. 

Question 14: What are the basic food safety precautions I should follow in India?
Answer: Food served in hotels and restaurants is safe to eat. Avoid eating street food which can be contaminated sometimes. Drink mineral water, by a branded company. Check the seals before drinking.

Question 15: How safe is it to eat non-vegetarian food in India? 
Answer: India, being a primarily Hindu country, beef is rarely served. Pork is also not easily available. Chicken is readily available. Eat non-vegetarian food only in good restaurants. 

Question 16: What is a standard tip in India?
Answer: Standard tip to drivers is minimum INR 100 per day for small vehicles and INR 200 per day for coaches. Also tip is usually decided on the services provided by the driver, which is completely to your choice.

Question 17: What is the coolest time to visit India? 
Answer: The coolest weather lasts from November to mid-March, with cool, fresh mornings and evenings and dry, sunny days. In summers from April to October you can visit Hill Stations of India which are quite cool at that time.

Question 18: What clothing should I carry on a trip to India?
Answer: Clothing depends on the season in which you are traveling.
For summers, cotton clothes, hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes.
For winters, woolen clothes are preferred.

Question 19: Is it advisable to travel at night in cars?
Answer: No, it is not advisable, as some routes may not be safe. Only in case of emergency it can be done.

Question 20: Are foreigners allowed to enter Hindu Temples?
Answer: Yes, generally at all temples foreigners are allowed except some. In temples, modest clothing and a scarf to cover your head is preferable. Also removing footwear outside the temple is recommended.

Question 21: Is photography restricted in any areas of India?
Answer: Yes, photography is restricted in some areas like military installations, religious places, airports, dams & bridges, and some monuments.

Question 22: What are the best places to shop in India?
Answer: The best places to shop are Government and State Emporiums, as they have fixed prices and good quality.

Question 23: What should I avoid purchasing in India?
Answer: Antique Items, Animal Products, Shahtoosh Shawls, Ivory is no-no in India, as they are completely banned. 

Question 24: What should I do if I face a problem?
Answer: If you face any issues regarding stolen luggage or documents, misbehavior or harassment by anyone, contact the nearest police station or your embassy as soon as possible.

Question 25: Can you show me some guest comments? 
Answer: There are many satisfied people and groups from various countries who had traveled India with J.L.Tours and Travels arrangements. You can see our client’s comments in our testimonial section. We can also mail you some references in your country who have taken our services while their India Tour. Just email us your information and we'll send you the client’s comments.